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When riding with the club it there are a few things to bear in mind.

Agreed Principles and Conventions

The following principles should be followed during a club spin.

  • We agree to follow all rules of the road

  • We agree to regroup at the top of climbs

  • The group agrees to ride at the slowest rider's pace

  • No half-wheeling

  • The agreed pace on spins is not to be increased, unless the entire group agrees

  • Don't sprint away without warning, or in dangerous situations

  • Don't put the group in danger, generally

  • We ride in pairs unless it is unsafe to do so (as recommended by the RSA)

  • Everyone is encouraged to take a "turn" on the front, to help share the load

  • Riders are "no-drop" unless agreed before a spin.

  • Recommended reading on group riding etiquette

Signals & Shouts

  • "Surface" - If road surface is bad, usually with an accompanying hand to point out the issue

  • "Hole/Glass" - We pay special attention to holes etc with a very loud shout (left or right), accompanied by pointing out the hole

  • "Car Up" - a car approaches from behind the group

  • "Car Down" - a car comes towards the front of the group (usually on the opposite side)

  • "Slowing" - we give prior notice when the group is slowing down

  • "Rider Up" - we rotate who rides on the front,  this call is for a rotating a rider up to the front.

  • "Ease off, slow it down" - this is a call for the ride leaders to slow the pace, usually to allow for everyone to regroup

  • Be as vocal as possible when pointing out obstacles, the back of the group may not react in time

  • We also have other signals that are best illustrated in the videos below

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